Saturday, February 9, 2013

Stuff I Cook

I've always hated following recipes.  Luckily, living in Lesotho has caused me to get exceptionally creative and experimental, especially when it comes to food.  Despite only working with a few ingredients, I really enjoy cooking.  Because I am always cooking for myself, I notice my food, the spices, and what I did to prepare it a lot more than before.  After realizing that the smallest changes in ingredients or cooking methods can completely change the taste or texture of something, I've really refined my methods and have learned a lot of different techniques.  I've probably cooked swiss chard in at least eight different ways, and when I'm in town and am able to find the only red bell pepper or avocado I'll have for weeks (or even months), I devise ways I can incorporate it into my next meal and fantasize about eating it on the way home to my village.  Perhaps that seems strange to those of you who have always had avocados and red bell peppers at your fingertips, year-round, at the grocery store around the corner.

Now that I have a garden, I suppose I'm less creepy when it comes to thinking about fresh fruits and vegetables.  Here are some pictures of the more successful things I've cooked and eaten recently:

Sprouted lentil burgers and green beans

Snow peas, green beans, and chard from my garden

Salad with sauteed spinach, beet root, green beans, and garlic


  1. Wait, what does it mean to be "less creepy" about thinking about fresh and vegetables?


    But the salad looks delicious.

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